Father & Son SF Commute

Starting this past fall, with intense regularity, Leo and I have been sharing our commute to work/school. Adobe and Live Oak, where Leo started Kindergarten this year, are only a couple blocks from one another. The average commute time for our 5.9 mile trek is about 27-31 minutes. As a bit of a timing game we know which milestones we need to hit in order to be on time (so I can walk him in to class versus dropping off at the front door).

The other common ingredient to our time has been drawing. To keep things fresh I’ve tried to add a variety of drawing supplies and implements. Leo’s Pokémon interest has been the ‘driving’ force for the content he chooses to draw and often he like to look up newer inspiration on my phone.

Anyway — today was an exceptionally beautiful day (after needed weeks of rain) so this gave way to putting the top down and bringing the camera out to capture a slice of our daily commute

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