Adobe Artist-in-Residence

This May marks my 3rd year with Adobe. A lot has happened since that day I signed on. Moving from Peoria to San Francisco and welcoming our second child, Wyatt, into the world have been the major personal highlights. Professionally, it has been a steady stream of great projects, enriching collaborations and amazing opportunities. Shaping the internal Adobe language through branding, environmental graphics & design communications. Producing an Anthem to Creativity in the Creative Class video with Kyle Cooper & Melcher Media. Illustrating more than 60 portraits for the esteemed TED Conference. Leading mobile designs for both Photoshop MIX and Adobe Brush. Championing creativity through a variety of speaking engagements, like SXSW, AIGA, and AME. Building relationships with local museums, like CCM, deYoung & SFMOMA, through installations and events celebrating creativity with an Adobe spirit. All of which I am sincerely honored to have contributed to over the years.

The next chapter in my Adobe experience comes with a shift in title that better articulates the sum of engagements, as Adobe’s Artist-in-Residence. While I’ve always had a difficult time self identifying as an Artist, I am humbled to receive the title. Along with this comes a move from the AdobeXD, the experience design group, to the Creative Technologies Lab, a research group, that is Lead by David Salesin. The group consists largely of PhD experts in computer graphics and are responsible for a lot of the great technology & magic that we get to experience in Adobe products. Excited and honored for what comes in this next chapter of my Adobe experience.

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  • Lauren F
    February 25, 2016

    Hi Erik,

    I saw your work years ago and love it now as much as I did then. I’m doing some redecorating and would love to buy a print of Up or Family (or perhaps some of your other work).

    Is there still a chance?

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