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 May 15th 2012 Marks the beginning of a new chapter. After nearly a decade working an independent designer /technologist /artist &developer I have accepted the position of Principal Designer within the Experience Design Team (XD) at Adobe.


As a Principal Designer I have the good fortune of working with a variety of groups throughout the organization. Collaborating on ways to promote innovation within our tools while searching for ways to reduce the friction within the process of creativity for our customers. Targeting both our existing spectrum of working professionals as well as those who don’t quite consider themselves ‘creative’ (yet). In the cult of creativity, ideas only gain value when they’ve been realized. Tools are the bridge between thought and reality. Not all bridges are built for all people, so our job is to explore which infrastructures are best suited for the community were are desiring to serve.

My hope is to inject a sense of play into the tools, platforms & and frameworks we continue to shape and define. Enabling the process to inform and inspire tangential thoughts. The current set of tools that we have as creatives, while powerful, tend to quickly limit our choices as they quickly solidify design choices. The question then becomes “How do we enable free formed exploration and thoughts to emerge?”.

So the journey begins and an exciting new chapter has commenced.



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  • jon
    September 28, 2012

    Nice, that is big news. Congratulations Erik!

  • Mark Rondina
    September 28, 2012


  • Jessel
    October 3, 2012

    Congratulations on the new position – enjoy every moment created — later days

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