Geiger Print

Commissioned Artwork, Mike Geiger  July / 2008

For a while a good friend of mine, Mike Geiger, and his wife, Lisa, have been nudging me to create a piece for them. They had recently remodeled the kitchen of their new home, so the time was right to create something. Mike is, to put it bluntly, a clean line modernist. He tells you what he wants and doesn’t waste time elaborating on the specifics. He’ll know what he does or doesn’t like when he sees it.

I’m hazy exactly on the wording, but when he described what he wanted it wasn’t too far from;

“Not too big. 3 feet tall. 7 feet long. Not too crazy… and Lisa’s gotta like it, so make sure the colors are pretty.”

After a couple weeks of back and forth, what emerged are still some of my favorite pieces to date:



Superior Sky



Hay & BlueSky










Final — Geiger



Final Framed Piece in Mike & Lisa’s kitchen.

The Geiger Print even made it into the Wired 2008 NextFest in Chicago. The following photo was taken at the inauguration with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley in front of 2 of the pieces I had in the exhibition (also pictured are Mr. Daley’s wife, Maggie, and Professor Terry Surjan):




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  • James Hitchcock
    July 4, 2016

    I just wanted to write and let you know how much your work means to me. Back in 2009 (maybe 2008) I purchased “Tower” and “Pi”.
    A ton of things changed in my life where it seemed like we moved every other year, so your work has seen a ton of homes. I had a wooden crate made for them to make sure they never got damaged. Today they are hanging in our Claremont, CA home and where we continue to get tons of compliments about the pieces. They really are beautiful. I am also glad to read that adobe also is a big fan of yours as well, they only work with the top artist.
    Once again, I love your work and am a huge fan, James Hitchcock

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