Adobe Artist-in-Residence

This May marks my 3rd year with Adobe. A lot has happened since that day I signed on. Moving from Peoria to San Francisco and welcoming our second child, Wyatt, into the world have been the major personal highlights. Professionally, it has been a steady stream of great projects, enriching collaborations and amazing opportunities. Shaping the internal Adobe language through branding, environmental graphics & design communications. Producing an Anthem to Creativity in the Creative Class video with Kyle Cooper & Melcher Media. Illustrating more than 60 portraits for the esteemed TED Conference. Leading mobile designs for both Photoshop MIX and Adobe Brush. Championing creativity through a variety of speaking engagements, like SXSW, AIGA, and AME. Building relationships with local museums, like CCM, deYoung & SFMOMA, through installations and events celebrating creativity with an Adobe spirit. All of which I am sincerely honored to have contributed to over the years. The next chapter in my Adobe experience comes with...

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Creative Cloud

Commissioned Artwork, Adobe Nov / 2011 At the 2011 MAX Conference, Adobe announced their Creative Cloud. Soon after I was commissioned to create a piece of artwork that would be distributed in an limited edition of 300 and given to the members of creative cloud team. I couldn't have been more delighted and honored by the request. Equally, I am very happy with the result.   The Meeting As luck would have it, at the time they contacted me about the commission I was already in San Francisco. Embracing the opportunity to meet in person I met with Kevin Lynch and Mike Chambers, who were leading the project. Having recently been to MAX I was already familiar with the Creative Cloud, so we talked about what this meant to both community as well as Adobe. For the community this signifies push towards ubiquitous creativity. The goal of the cloud and specifically the touch apps is...

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